MyVegas 10 tips for better playing

Suppose one day you went to meet with your friend and he says you just he came back from Las Vegas? Wow…. Isn’t the word first comes to your mind. Of course yes. A trip to Las Vegas has always been a dream to all. Now, what if he tells you that he didn’t spend any money for the trip. Surprised? How can that be? We all know that Las Vegas is a very costly place. How? Your must ask the question.

He then tells you that he had just played a game. Is it a joke? How can a game give you a trip to Las Vegas? The answer is MyVegas, a popular game available on the Facebook, which rewards you in terms of real life gift. This gift can be a trip to Las Vegas, or a show ticket, or a dine in with your nearest and dearest ones or stay in the luxurious hotels in the different part of the world, or even can be a spa treat. All you have to win the game. Loyalty points can earn you the freebies or you can generate myvegas free chips

These Loyalty points can be earn from level up or from betting. The only strategy of the game is to gain more Loyalty points without losing the fewer chips which are the main aspect of the game. There are some tips that have proved to be helpful for me and I am here in this article sharing these tips with you;

  1. I do prefer Chrome browser or Firefox for playing an uninterrupted game. Because if your browser gives you some problem in downloading or playing the game then maybe you can’t play the game efficiently.
  2. Like the MyVegas app page and just click on all the free chips that are present on the wall
  3. Add friends. Just keeping on inviting and joining with friends. But don’t add more than 10-20 friends as these could create a problem for you on the Facebook. These friends can provide you with chips so that you can play your game smoothly.
  4. In the MyVegas page, a total of 500+ chip threads is available. You can access all the 50,000 chips over there. Click from the bottom until you get the post that tells you to stop.
  5. On the page, a small chip thread is present that will help other who posts there and you can also get chips from there.
  6. Your main goal should be gaining as much Loyalty point as possible by losing the fewer chips.
  7. Follow the guide which will clarify you which opening amusement to play at which level.
  8. From my perspective, I will propose you to play inside a cutoff of 1000 chips for every turn gave on the off chance that you are playing to winning genuine reward.
  9. Keep a focus on which time to play the game. There are periods where you can avail the maximum number of bonuses.
  10. Stay within 1000 chips/ spin range.


Here I have tried my best to provide you with the information that can make your play better. Try to follow them. Good Luck, gamers.

Slotomania cheat tool online 2016



So let’s talk about using help in online games. Many of you have online accounts on Facebook. There are millions of people spending hours playing online flash games online on facebook. Facebook is made for that games. They are earning that you are playing flash games. From what I saw from research people are spending average 3h daily on playing FB games. Why do we need to spend so much time on playing stupid games? There is a solution to that.

Use cheat codes in games.

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Why should we use slotomania hack ?

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Slotomania – what is that?

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Is it safe for my facebook account to use that hack?

100% safe. It has been tested by millions of users that that hack cannot harm in any way your slotomania account or facebook account. It can be used by people from USA,Canada or Europe. No matter where you from – you can use it. There are also built-in proxy option so you can choose ‘how they will see you’ online. It has been verified by millions. There also always newest version of this tool so feel free to download it from www. . Always check for updates!

That would be all. If you have any more questions feel free to ask me anytime.


Clash of Clans – The Game

Clash of Clans in a game based on mobile platform, released in Apple iOS on 2nd August of 2012 and for Android platform it came into play on 7th of October, 2013. The game is developed and published by Supercell, who are one of the pioneers in Mobile game development platform. The player has to build an community with his friends and train troops to attack other communities to earn various resources like Gold, Dark Elixir and Elixir. These resources can again be used to build defensive structures and train troops in those buildings to attack and raid other enemy troops. Clash of Clan game has ingle player option too, where the payer gets the opportunity to attack several goblin inhabitant villages to earn gold and elixir to spend in multiplayer campaigns.

screen-ipad1For starting, Clash of Clan gives the players 2 numbers of builders to begin with, who can build all kind of structures & buildings. The number of builders can be upgraded to maximum 5 by spending gems, which is the maximum number of builders any player can have. Builders can also be used to upgrade and repair buildings whenever required.

As the game progresses, the Clash of Clans player has to stack up a bigger number of gold and elixir. For this purpose, the player has to build gold mines and elixir collections, where he or she can dig for resources. These resources then need to be stored by building gold and elixir storages. There are also buildings like laboratory, Town hall etc which are used to upgrade and research various type of technology & troops. The town hall is the central building, upgrading which the Clash of Clans game allows the player to upgrade highest number of available buildings and troops. At higher level of the town hall, another useful resource, named dark elixir becomes available, which is an essential part of training more deadly troops and advanced buildings. Defensive buildings are available from level 10 of the town hall, these structures, like the Eagle Artillery, are a vital part in defensive strategy to win in raid against enemy troops. Apart from the defensive buildings like Wizard towers, Archer Towers, Canons, Mortars etc, Clash of Clans players can also build walls around their territory to fortify their defense.

At a higher level of the game, advanced structures like dark barrack is available to train dark elixir troops using dark spells from dark spell factory. Use Clash of Clans Hacks 2016 if you want to get gems for free.

There is a critical unit called gems which is an essential part in the game, as they can be the decisive factor between two players. Gems can be used to buy resources, train troops faster or to empower structures to be built faster. These gems are given in 500 quantities when the Clash of clans player start the game, 250 gems are needed to finish the tutorial, and the player is left with 250 gems to progress through the game, the can be earned doing various activities too, but it’s hard to get a huge number of gems which are required if the clash of Clans player want to excel over all other players.

Clans are group of Clash of clans players who join to make their game better than other clans, they can attack or raid together or can help each other to collect resources. Players can also donate troops to form a clan. These joined clans then build a castle where they can train castle Clan troops, who are very useful to win any raid and powerful over most of the type of troops what can be trained from other defensive buildings.

Clash of Clans Details

If you are looking for the most popular multiplayer online game played in mobile, Clash of Clans tops the chart. On 2nd August 2012 the game was released by “Supercell”. The game soon achieved great popularity just after the release of its first commercial Ad in February (the same year). The freemium game has multiple levels and interesting challenges. The player clears the challenge one after one to reach the next level and earn gold and other valuable things (these things are helpful in advance stages).


The game is designed to play online. In this game the player builds clan or community of people who fight against enemy troops and protect their own. This clan is always ready to start a war. On winning they earn gold, elixirs and dark elixirs. These they use a means of defense. The elixirs and dark elixirs are used to train the troops and to upgrade them. A pseudo single player campaign is a part of the game where the player can earn gold and two types of elixirs by attacking the villages occupied by goblins.

Besides earning gold and elixirs, there are scope for earning gems and currencies. Gems can also be purchased online; there is an app for the purpose. These gems are very useful thing as they can free the builders. Now the question is who are builders? There are builders in the game who works for the improvement of buildings and other constructions. By default there are 2 builders in the game, if the player is looking for more than he can install another 3 builders. But that is the upper limit; no more builders can be installed. When all of the builders are busy in work the player has to wait for their job to be finished or he can set them free by using the gems.

The player builds gold mine and gold storages as well as elixir collectors and elixir storages. To save their own village the player uses several buildings, such as, cannon, bombs, steslas, mortars, wizard tower and archer tower. The player tries to save his own village and train their troops for the battle.

There are two different groups of things in this game; one normal and the other one is “dark”. For instance, two barracks (a normal and a dark one), two spell factories (a regular and a dark spell factory) and two type of elixirs (normal and dark). Now this is quite clear that the dark houses use dark elixirs and normal houses use normal elixirs to train their troops.

Overall the game is good, quite interesting and enjoyable. The iOS version of this game holds a collective score of 74 out of 100. That is quite a good remark. Even the critics enjoyed the game a lot.