MyVegas 10 tips for better playing

Suppose one day you went to meet with your friend and he says you just he came back from Las Vegas? Wow…. Isn’t the word first comes to your mind. Of course yes. A trip to Las Vegas has always been a dream to all. Now, what if he tells you that he didn’t spend any money for the trip. Surprised? How can that be? We all know that Las Vegas is a very costly place. How? Your must ask the question.

He then tells you that he had just played a game. Is it a joke? How can a game give you a trip to Las Vegas? The answer is MyVegas, a popular game available on the Facebook, which rewards you in terms of real life gift. This gift can be a trip to Las Vegas, or a show ticket, or a dine in with your nearest and dearest ones or stay in the luxurious hotels in the different part of the world, or even can be a spa treat. All you have to win the game. Loyalty points can earn you the freebies or you can generate myvegas free chips

These Loyalty points can be earn from level up or from betting. The only strategy of the game is to gain more Loyalty points without losing the fewer chips which are the main aspect of the game. There are some tips that have proved to be helpful for me and I am here in this article sharing these tips with you;

  1. I do prefer Chrome browser or Firefox for playing an uninterrupted game. Because if your browser gives you some problem in downloading or playing the game then maybe you can’t play the game efficiently.
  2. Like the MyVegas app page and just click on all the free chips that are present on the wall
  3. Add friends. Just keeping on inviting and joining with friends. But don’t add more than 10-20 friends as these could create a problem for you on the Facebook. These friends can provide you with chips so that you can play your game smoothly.
  4. In the MyVegas page, a total of 500+ chip threads is available. You can access all the 50,000 chips over there. Click from the bottom until you get the post that tells you to stop.
  5. On the page, a small chip thread is present that will help other who posts there and you can also get chips from there.
  6. Your main goal should be gaining as much Loyalty point as possible by losing the fewer chips.
  7. Follow the guide which will clarify you which opening amusement to play at which level.
  8. From my perspective, I will propose you to play inside a cutoff of 1000 chips for every turn gave on the off chance that you are playing to winning genuine reward.
  9. Keep a focus on which time to play the game. There are periods where you can avail the maximum number of bonuses.
  10. Stay within 1000 chips/ spin range.


Here I have tried my best to provide you with the information that can make your play better. Try to follow them. Good Luck, gamers.